Euphoric City is a Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server with almost 1000 members and growing, they decided to start developing for the next version of their server; which meant a redesign of the branding as well. 
The Logo
I started with the logo and colour scheme, I explored different ideas by using shapes that represented the E and the C from the initials of the server name. I had noticed that italic headers were quite popular on graphics related to gaming, almost making them look like they are in motion, and thought that it made the logo a lot more appealing. I then added the rounded corners to make it a bit friendlier. 
After I had designed the logo, I moved onto creating banners for advertising the server. I wanted to use a blue overlay on top of an image I had taken while playing Grand Theft Auto V. I had also seen some designs where text outlines were placed behind the original text, but made bigger, this gave the design some texture.