Euphoric City is a Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server with almost 1000 members and growing, they decided to start developing for the next version of their server; which meant they needed a trailer to advertise the server. 
Each individual that you see in the trailer is a character controlled by a player on their own computer, the environment is an online game world where people come together to roleplay as someone else.
I started with a song I wanted to use and a rough idea of how I wanted the video to be, using other server's trailers as inspiration. I planned out each shot in a spreadsheet with the description and a rough sketch, allowing room for ideas to develop during recording. 

The next step was to get everyone together to record scene by scene, this was done over the course of a few days. I directed everyone, explained what I wanted them to do, got them into positions and told them when to start the scene.

I was using a screen recorder to capture each clip, using a game controller to pan slowly as the scenes were being played out in front of me. 

I then rearranged each clip on the timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro, cutting to a new clip in time with the music, I wanted to show some of the more exciting clips as the music dropped and got more energetic.

I added in a few transitions and particle effects, including a lens flare and rain drops.