Editor and Animator
Adobe After Effects 
Fame or Shame is a fictional talent show in the GTA universe, owned by Rockstar Games.
Using the original Fame or Shame title animation as inspiration, I tried to recreate it using free stock footage from pexels.com.
I watched the original intro multiple times to get an idea of the different layers to the intro. I found a video of an explosion with a black background, as well as fireworks, confetti, spotlights and a music visualiser.
I made 3D text in After Effects, using spotlights and ambient lights to show off the sides. I added textures by using masks.
I animated the text flying in, and added a wiggle effect to simulate the camera shaking.
I used the Shift Channels effect to remove the black backgrounds from the stock footage, recoloured them using the Hue effect and layered them over the top of one another.